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Diesel Injector Testing in Woking from SAS Guildford

SAS Guildford cover nearby Woking, and we already have many satisfied customers from the area who use us on a regular basis for traditional garage services such as car servicing and vehicle repairs. Continued investment into modern automotive technology makes our company the preferred choice for specialist work related to vehicle diagnostics. Engine remapping is just one of several key services where diagnostics are used.


We’re also the preferred local choice for diesel injector testing and injector replacements. Our company invites motorists from Woking and all surrounding Surrey areas to our popular workshop on Slyfield Industrial Estate in Guildford, where a warm, friendly welcome awaits.

Diesel Injector Testing and Injector Replacements


It can be reassuring for Woking vehicle owners to know that diesel injectors aren’t as prone to blocking as petrol injectors. Common symptoms attributed to the build-up of deposits in diesel injectors, such as power loss, misfiring, exhaust smoke and poor fuel economy are often the result of other problems. Diesel injector testing at our workshop near Woking is the only reliable way to tell if the injectors are contributing to substandard performance.


There is good reason for us to suggest diesel injector testing as the first option whenever you vehicle is underperforming and you suspect the injectors to be at fault.


While injectors don’t block with deposits as easily as petrol alternatives, they are subjected to higher temperatures and pressures (up to 1,800 bar or 26,000 psi). Understandably, this leads to premature wear. Diesel injector testing tells Woking motorists whether they need to have injectors cleaned, or if they need to book in with us for injector replacements.


Injector replacements can be undertaken on all diesel models. Even if you haven’t noticed much deterioration in performance, injector replacements should still be considered at 50,000 to 100,000 mile intervals. Woking is less than 8 miles away from our Guildford workshop so call in to see us today for responsive diesel injector testing services.

Engine Remapping


All modern workshops in and around the Woking area will use vehicle diagnostics as the correct tooling for accessing the engine management system. The most progressive companies, including our own, will also use vehicle diagnostics as the initial basis for engine remapping, a procedure which unleashes the hidden power in your vehicle.


Modern cars are programmed with software which keeps them within stipulated restrictions relating to country of sale. Vehicle diagnostics and engine remapping services can be combined to lift these restrictions. Motorists in Woking who use us for engine remapping services will notice a series of key benefits after engine remapping work.


Driving, acceleration and overtaking will be more responsive, torque will be increased and there will even be improvements in fuel economy. Vehicle diagnostics are used to ‘remap’ the ECU. If you’re dissatisfied with the results of engine remapping, all you need to do is travel back from Woking to see us and we’ll reset everything back to factory standards.


Car Servicing


Vehicle diagnostics are even used during car servicing, one of the more traditional services we provide from our workshop near Woking. Usually, we’ll only use diagnostics to reset dashboard warning lights but should we encounter any issues with your vehicle while undertaking car servicing work, there’s every likelihood that diagnostics will be recommended so our technicians can take a closer local at the electrical subsystem.


We remind road users in Woking that car servicing with SAS Guildford is equivalent in quality to car servicing provided by main dealerships in the Surrey area. Your warranties stay intact, your service book is stamped and any parts used (plus our labour) are guaranteed for 12,000 miles or 12 months. Full and interim car servicing is available from our company.


To book in for diesel injector testing, engine remapping or car servicing at a friendly garage close to Woking, call SAS Guildford today on 01483 579665.