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Guildford’s Diesel Injector Testing Specialists

Do you own a diesel vehicle that is running inconsistently or sluggishly? SAS Guildford specialise in diesel injector testing, a process that quickly identifies electrical or mechanical faults with these vital engine components. Common signs of a problem with injectors include slow cranking times, fuel dilution and a loss of power.


In addition to diesel injector testing, we specialise in the replacement of related parts including diesel pumps. To complement our diagnostic services, road users in Guildford and Surrey can also use our company for traditional repair and auto electrical work.

Vehicle Diagnostics and Engine Remapping Services


Modern vehicles are equipped with on-board computers that are usually

referred to as the ECU. SAS Guildford is home to advanced engine

management technology that eliminates the painstaking troubleshooting techniques previously used in garages over the years. We use a process called vehicle diagnostics to identify electrical and mechanical faults.


Car owners in Surrey who have an ECU fitted may have noticed a warning light on their dashboard. This is usually indicative of a sub-system problem and tells the driver that a fault code has been stored. Vehicle diagnostics help us to retrieve and identify the fault.


Our diagnostic equipment can also be used as a basis for engine remapping. SAS Guildford can enhance the performance and efficiency of your vehicle, improving your overall driving experience and lowering fuel costs at the same time. Engine remapping can also increase vehicle horsepower by removing factory restrictions.

Dealership Standard Vehicle Diagnostics In Surrey From SAS Guildford


If you own a vehicle and live in Guildford or the surrounding Surrey area, you can visit our garage and enjoy car servicing undertake to main dealership standards at a fair and competitive independent price. Because we follow the same servicing schedules as main agents and manufacturers, our work won’t invalidate any ongoing parts warranties.


To ensure our Surrey clients have complete confidence in our car servicing work, we only use premium quality OEM replacement parts. All services are capped off using high grade oils, lubricants and fluids from the industry’s most trusted manufacturers.

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