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Performance Tuning

SAS Guildford specialise in performance tuning and remapping, using custom-written software specific to your vehicle. The software helps us to achieve amazing results. Turbocharged performance remapping can enhance vehicle torque and power by as much as 40% whilst providing improved acceleration, instinctive throttle response and sufficient pulling power to produce smoother, safer driving – even when overtaking!


By tuning a normally-aspirated engine, SAS Guildford can increase vehicle torque and power by up to 10%. While these results are lower than those we achieve for turbocharged vehicles, noticeable improvements are gained in throttle response and mid-range torque. Derestricting the rev limiter increases acceleration speeds between 0mph and 60mph.


Engine Remapping

On diesel engines, SAS Guildford can optimise fuel economy by as much as 20% to help save you money on annual running costs. Remapping provides more torque across the lower rev range, ultimately meaning that you will require fewer revs to get up to faster speeds. How much you actually save is dependent on your style of driving.


Many vehicle owners believe that driving at lower revs ultimately saves fuel. While this is true in theory and that there is a marked difference between driving at high revs and low revs, less fuel is consumed when a vehicle cruises steadily at optimal revs while the engine is producing maximum torque levels


The Remapping Process


Step 1 – The Health Check

SAS Guildford administer a complete vehicle health check using advance engine management, diagnostic and fault-finding equipment. This ensures your vehicle is in a good state of repair in advance of our performance tuning and remapping services.


Step 2 – The Map Download

We download the existing software from your ECU and back it up so that your vehicle can be reverted back to factory settings at any time in the future.


Step 3 – Remapping

SAS Guildford rewrite (or remap) data to achieve the exact handling, response, performance and economy characteristics you wish to achieve.


Step 4 – The Map Upload

We upload the newly-written map to your vehicle’s ECU. Changes in handling, response, performance and characteristics are instantly available.


Step 5 – The Before and After Dynamometer Test (Optional)

SAS Guildford can perform one-off dyno testing on an optional basis to deliver accurate and consistent results. This test can be undertaken before or after a remap so you’ll be able to view the results at exactly the same, competitive price.


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